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Services Professional Process Servers for the Legal Community    Login Our rates for service are based on the zip code which the document is served and the average monthly volume of documents assigned to our firm. A discounted rate is available for larger volume clients. Rates are charged per paper per defendant. This means that if 2 summons are served on an individual at the same time you will be charged for 2 services. Please contact us for a RATES The filing of the original affidavit of service with the court is included in this fee. There is no charge for skips or non-ests. ADDITIONAL FEES $20.00 – Rush Fee. This fee applies if you request a document to be served within 72 hours of receiving it from your office. $30.00 – Employment Procurement Fee. This is our standard fee for obtaining verifiable employment information for a defendant if you request this service. $15.00 – Relocation Fee. If we find the individual at a different address and serve him/her there this fee would apply. This includes if we find them in an apartment that is different from the apartment provided. These fees are charged in addition to the standard fees outlined above. quote.